Mike Hawkins

Mike Hawkins purchased the Equalizer name and truck from David Morris years ago and has lived up to the championship-caliber driving it was known for ever since. His construction company made possible the eventual purchase of two great race trucks, which eventually became the current Hot Tamale and Equalizer pieces on the circuit today. Always an entertainer, Hawkins has never been known to back down from any challenge in racing, or obstacle in freestyle.

“The trucks are paid for, and I didn’t come around monster trucks to go easy on them!” says the Virginian. “I drive them hard and I want them driven hard, like they’re supposed to be!”

Hawkins has taken many wins in both racing and freestyle, and is the featured truck at many events he attends. Couple that with teammate Isaias Morales in Hot Tamale always running hard and the fans have a great show coming their way every time. Hawkins prides himself on that.

“I go out to thrill the fans and give them the best I can every time,” he says. “That’s what matters to me.”