We’re gonna be busy this summer! Check out the Schedule page to see where we’ll be racing, freestyling, backflipping…or maybe even double backflipping near you!

“We don’t care if Avenger has been to every World Finals; he’s coming to our backyard for two shows. Now, for everyone that wanted to see Equalizer vs. Avenger, it’s here!”

This quote from Mad Man Mike Hawkins says it all. Make sure you come watch us battle it out. More information on the Monster Nation Facebook page here!

In Mesquite, Equalizer took the freestyle win on Friday night, with Joe taking a wild ride during racing on Saturday, causing some unseen damage, breaking Mike on the second hit of freestyle, but Brandon in Red Solo Truck brought home the W on Saturday for freestyle. Some great momentum follows the team to Harrisburg for their next show; be sure to check out the updated Schedule page!


Equalizer has been all over the country for a few different promoters in the first month of 2014, namely Toughest Monster Truck Tour, where some upside-down action has happened…Equalizer is doing backflips at shows, and sometimes when they come up short, it can be a lot of work. Hawkins landed one backflip squarely on the nose of the vehicle, digging the frame into the dirt and requiring a ton of repairs.

Rio Rancho, New Mexico saw Troy Rose and Red Solo Truck picking up the Toughest Monster Truck award on Friday night, while Hawkins grabbed it Saturday.

“It isn’t always easy doing things like flipping a 10,000 monster truck a full rotation and landing on the wheels,” said Hawkins. “We’ve enjoyed our first quarter so far, and are hoping to continue to rock it out for team RPR!”

This weekend, it’s off to Mesquite, Texas for MAP Motorsports. Check the Schedule page to see where Equalizer and Red Solo Cup will be next! Photo courtesy Danny Maas. Awesome shot, Danny!

We’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from the whole RPR/Equalizer family. Check out our new schedule for the coming season as well!


Mike had a fun show in Dixie Speedway facing off against 2Xtreme Racing and Team Scream, among others. More to come, and enjoy the photos from our Monster Truck Throwdown show in Michigan!

Equalizer will be helping a good cause with the Kick-It Charity event in Manassas, Virginia honoring and helping the lives of kids with cancer in a car crush and autograph signing. You can find all the event information HERE, and sign up with THIS form as well as show support with THIS “I’m Kicking It” form.

Also, Brandon will have Red Solo Truck for hte 29th id day September 8th at Soldier Statesman Park supporting our troops and their families. More information can be found HERE.

If you’re near either of these events, come out and support two GREAT causes! After that, it’ll be off to Newport, North Carolina September 13-14.


Over the weekend the Equalizer Racing team traveled down to Charlotte, North Carolina for an annual favorite of the entire team, the Back to School Monster Truck Bash at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. With a number of victories on the track over the years, the excitement level was high heading into Charlotte with Equalizer and Red Solo Truck. Mike Hawkins and the Equalizer once swept two straight years of competition at the track from 2008-2009, while Troy Rose and Hot Tamale took the racing win in 2011. This year it would be Brandon Budd and Red Solo Truck adding their names to the list of winners in Charlotte. Budd was strong all night long on the tricky racing course that threw off many of his fellow competitors. Budd kept his cool throughout the night, putting in strong passes every round as he defeated Over Bored in round one, and Hooked in the semi-finals. The final round was a wild race against Gun Slinger, as Budd came up short on a double jump, nearly sending the truck end over end. Luckily Gun Slinger was having even more trouble with the track, spinning out down in speedway turn one. Budd was able to correct the quickest and took the lead and held on the for the win!


Equalizer had a tough start to the night with some mechanical troubles in Qualifying. The crew thrashed to get the truck back out for round one, but unfortunately the truck died while pulling to the starting line. With the disappointment in racing fresh in Hawkins’ mind, he let loose in freestyle with a freshly repaired truck. Hawkins soared the Equalizer over the buses with ease getting some big air under the big blue Chevy. Nothing was off limits and Hawkins took advantage of that, hitting the freestyle motocross landing ramp from the backside with a nice leap. The run even featured a nice save when the truck nearly rolled over after a wheelstand over a bus, but Hawkins recovered nicely. While the performance wasn’t enough for the win, it got the crowd on their feet and cheering.

There’s no time to rest for the team however, as they head to Gaithersburg, Maryland for two mid-week events with Monster Events LLC. They’ll be racing, freestyling, and even see a couple backflip attempts from Mike Hawkins and the Equalizer!