The month of August is a busy one for Equalizer Racing in 2014 as the team made the trip down to the annual Back To School Monster Truck Bash at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. The lead up to the event had the team hard at work with a motor swap Thursday on Red Solo Truck before an event Friday night in Martinsburg, West Virginia. The team loaded up from there and headed south to take on a strong field of competitors. The team has a strong history at the past with Mike Hawkins sweeping the event in 2008 and 2009, Troy Rose picking up the racing win in 2011, and Brandon Budd taking the 2013 racing win. Budd got off to a good start on defending his win with fast qualifying pass on a muddy course. Hawkins and Equalizer weren’t as fortunate in their qualifying pass. Hawkins spun out going through the under portion of the crossover ramp after the left rear clipped the landing ramp. Budd put in a smooth round one race to defeat the Avenger and move into the semi-finals. Hawkins had troubles off the start with Equalizer, including the truck losing power in the first turn. Hawkins re-fired the engine and continued on to win the race after Wrecking Crew made a couple crucial mistakes. Unfortunately for Hawkins found trouble with yet another transmission and wouldn’t be able to return. Budd gave it his all in the semi-finals but was unable to defeat the Stone Crusher to move on.

The freestyle course had plenty of big jumps to face and Brandon Budd wasn’t shy about getting some air in Red Solo Truck early. Budd went right after the bus stacks, flying the truck nicely over them to start off his run. The fun didn’t last for long as the right front wheel broke off, ending Budd’s freestyle early. While the truck suffered some significant damage to the axle housing, they’ll be back in action soon with a grueling week of events ahead.