Some days just don’t go your way, and last Saturday was one of those days for the Equalizer Racing team in Bristol. Over the past few years the team has had success at the event with strong performances, including final round appearances by both Brandon Budd and Troy Rose, and had high expectations coming into Bristol Motor Speedway. Knowing how grueling the asphalt can be on the trucks, the team double checked all their nuts and bolts, looking to prevent any kind of issue to be at their peak performance. Unfortunately despite their best efforts mechanical gremlins reared their ugly heads in Qualifying for both Equalizer and Red Solo Truck as both trucks suffered transmission problems. Mike Hawkins, Brandon Budd, crew chief Joe Yatsko, and company scrambled to make repairs to get both trucks ready to compete for freestyle. It was an uphill battle but their efforts paid off as Hawkins and Budd both were able to freestyle for the awesome fans in Bristol. Mike and Brandon both got the most out of their ailing trucks, getting some big air and certainly weren’t shying away from the bigger freestyle obstacles like the bus and the elevated van stack. While it wasn’t the performance they had hoped for, the team battled back to make the best of a tough situation. In the meantime the team is getting both trucks ready for a busy month of August with stops up and down the east coast, including a few upcoming backflip attempts. You can keep up with the team here or Like Us on Facebook at our new Equalizer Racing Facebook Page today!