Equalizer has been all over the country for a few different promoters in the first month of 2014, namely Toughest Monster Truck Tour, where some upside-down action has happened…Equalizer is doing backflips at shows, and sometimes when they come up short, it can be a lot of work. Hawkins landed one backflip squarely on the nose of the vehicle, digging the frame into the dirt and requiring a ton of repairs.

Rio Rancho, New Mexico saw Troy Rose and Red Solo Truck picking up the Toughest Monster Truck award on Friday night, while Hawkins grabbed it Saturday.

“It isn’t always easy doing things like flipping a 10,000 monster truck a full rotation and landing on the wheels,” said Hawkins. “We’ve enjoyed our first quarter so far, and are hoping to continue to rock it out for team RPR!”

This weekend, it’s off to Mesquite, Texas for MAP Motorsports. Check the Schedule page to see where Equalizer and Red Solo Cup will be next! Photo courtesy Danny Maas. Awesome shot, Danny!