Equalizer monster truckWe have updated our Schedule page once again, and there will be 2 Equalizers and 2 Hot Tamales running the weekend of Fredericksburg and Odessa. Troy Rose will be in Fredericksburg while Mike Hawkins will be in Odessa. Also don’t forget on August 11, Equalizer and Hot Tamale head back to Charlotte, with Tamale set to defend its racing title and Equalizer back on the hunt for his freestyle trophy after being plagued by problems last year.

“We vow to step it up a notch this year for the great North Carolina fans,” said Hawkins. “We love the Charlotte track and those people that come out in droves to see a one-night, burn it down show. That’s what we’re gonna give them!”

With the help of some great crew, a tune up by Dan, and parts from Patty at AA Speed in Woodbridge, Virginia, the team will be hammer down for the summer! Stay tuned for more updates!